My Mission Statement

An application's primary purpose is to satisfy a need for a person.

Computers and software are meant to...

Fulfilling the mission


My most unique service is to optimize existing web-based software applications. I do this by reviewing designs and code, debugging existing code, and finding those little things that are often missed and add up over time. On the presentation layer I have had the privilege of building some very complicated UI designs that were re-usable and maintainable in implementation.

Scott Nelson stepped in and really made a lot of things possible that quite honestly I did not think that we would be able to do given the time pressure. Scott not only leads but he leads by example and was instrumental in delivering a lot of the front end components. To say that Scott worked a lot of hours would be an understatement. We all worked long hours but Scott was a different story. T.C., Cambridge, MA

If there is a browser god... must be named Scott. M.G., Cambridge, MA



I provide a user-centric approach to web application development with ease of maintenance as an ever-present goal. Iím a web site user and know what I hate, which is more important to most users than what they like. I have maintained sites for years and like to spend very little time doing it. I have handed off sites to others for maintenance and have been able to sleep soundly after having done so.

Scott provided great energy and leadership to the development team. He managed his projects effectively and was interested in how his development efforts fit into the bigger picture of the projects he was working on. D.L., Cambridge, MA

I appreciate your quick response...I'll expect your invoice and gratefully pay it. Again, many thanks. You are one of the few service providers I find it a pleasure to work with! :-) R.R., Danvers, MA



I write about things that I have found useful in development and PC maintenance. To be honest, I do it for the money. To continue in that vein, I will only write articles and blog entries on things I find useful and either have not been covered elsewhere or are hard to find. Call it greed with pride.

Now that's a good Article...I'd like to have some more of those good articles you were writing...nice, professionally written, piece of work. T.S., Saltville, VA

Thanks again for your contribution! We have added your new article to the "website promotion" resources section of our website. If you have more articles in the future that you would like to contribute, don't hesitate to contact us! Thanks AAA Web Design


Disclaimer: I can recreate pixel by pixel any visual design and implement any functionality. As you can see from my site, I am not a visual designer, I am a visual developer. If you want me to do provide visual design I will do my best, and my best for others is better than what I build for myself, but it is not my area of expertise.

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